You’re going to Dragon Con? Me too!

If you’re coming to Dragon Con next weekend, please say hi. I’ll be appearing specifically¬†at these events:

Friday, August 29th @ 8:30pm: FRED Presents Attack of The Celebrity Improv – Hilton Grand Ballroom East

Saturday, August 30th @ 8:30pm: Gonzo Quiz Show V: The Quizening – Marriott Atrium Ballroom

Sunday, August 31st @ 8:30pm: Gonzo Quiz Show VI: Quizopolis – Hyatt Regency VI-VII

Check out all the fun things to do via the Dragon Con Official Website.

I was on the Wil Wheaton Project!

I recently had the honor of appearing on The Wil Wheaton Project in a short sketch which you can see below. I got the opportunity to work with Wil recently as part of the Thrilling Adventure Hour/Welcome to Night Vale crossover show, and he was a really good guy.

Anyway, enjoy!

The Measure of a Man

My father wrote a brilliant post today about the many fathers in his life – I would be remiss as a son if I didn’t share what makes him amazing.

Over the past 2 years I’ve seen a new community people embrace my father as an educator, leader and advisor, but professionally and personally. They’ve learned what I’ve known since I was old enough to remember things: That Bill Lublin is the kind of guy who cares for others. That Bill Lublin is the kind of guy who will make sacrifices to help you with your problems. That Bill Lublin holds in great importance the idea of being a good person, an ethical person. That Bill Lublin knows how to have a good time. That Bill Lublin wants to know how things are with you. That Bill Lublin is there when you need him, without questions and without judgement. That Bill Lublin wants the best for you in all things.

I kind of feel bad for the rest of you. You’ve only had your Bill Lublin for a few years.

I get him for my entire life.

They say the measure of a man is in the company he keeps. Thanks to Bill Lublin, I feel like I measure up just fine.

I love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day.