The Measure of a Man

My father wrote a brilliant post today about the many fathers in his life – I would be remiss as a son if I didn’t share what makes him amazing.

Over the past 2 years I’ve seen a new community people embrace my father as an educator, leader and advisor, but professionally and personally. They’ve learned what I’ve known since I was old enough to remember things: That Bill Lublin is the kind of guy who cares for others. That Bill Lublin is the kind of guy who will make sacrifices to help you with your problems. That Bill Lublin holds in great importance the idea of being a good person, an ethical person. That Bill Lublin knows how to have a good time. That Bill Lublin wants to know how things are with you. That Bill Lublin is there when you need him, without questions and without judgement. That Bill Lublin wants the best for you in all things.

I kind of feel bad for the rest of you. You’ve only had your Bill Lublin for a few years.

I get him for my entire life.

They say the measure of a man is in the company he keeps. Thanks to Bill Lublin, I feel like I measure up just fine.

I love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

I was single for a LOOOOONG time before I met Jenn. The first time I saw her I was smitten. She was funny and beautiful, so of course I was too nervous to talk to her. As luck would have it we were cast in a show together at Second City Los Angeles – she was even more beautiful in person than she was on stage (aided by the fact that she wasn’t wearing a crazy outfit). After a long history of not being able to interact with girls I was actually able to flirt with her. It still took an assist from Ben Acker for me to even be able to ask her out. Our first date was on June 11, 2005, and we haven’t been apart since. We first said “I Love You” on July 8th, 2005. I’d never been happier to hear those words in my life.

Jennifer, I love you so much. Thank you for being my valentine for life.

Happy Birthday Dad


Last night at Thanksgiving, we all went around the table sharing the things we were thankful for – as the usual “friends, family, health and meal” thanks were handed out, I realized that one thing I was extremely grateful for was being able to have the relationship I have with my father, and the fact the we get to spend his 60th birthday together here in California. Since I’m not very good at conserving real estate on a birthday card, I figured it would be nice to put my longer message here.

Dad, happy birthday. You are an extraordinary human being who makes a lasting impression on everyone he meets. Your selfless, giving attitude and loving nature have been inspirational to me. You’ve always been someone I’ve looked up to, tried to live up to, and felt lucky to have as my father. At times, you’ve seemed superhuman, and the times you didn’t helped me learn that we’re always striving to improve ourselves. I know the past 15 months haven’t been easy for either of us, but working with you and traveling with you has been almost therapeutic; thinking that we went from playing catch in the backyard to teaching and speaking together fills me with pride. You’ve always been there to support me or anyone else who needed it; you give without asking anything in return, and you always put the greater good before your own happiness. Thank you for helping me realize the man I work everyday to be: forthright, kind, charitable, loving, social and intelligent. Here’s to a wonderful 60th year with great things on the horizon.

I love you dad – happy birthday!