Social Media

Hal Lublin is a Social Media consultant, educator and speaker with a Cum Laude marketing degree from Syracuse University. In his role as president of BuzzBuilderz Hal works with businesses and individuals who need assistance in navigating the waters of social media. With his guidance, local and national companies have been able to develop a plan to use social media as an effective part of their business strategy. Hal’s ability to translate complex and esoteric concepts into simple and understandable terms helps the client to rapidly integrate social media with thei current marketing efforts.

Concerned with the lack of a formal educational process for social media, Hal is one of the founders of the Social Media Marketing Institute and serves as its CMO.

Hal is a well-respected national speaker whose presentations on Social Media, Permission-Based Marketing and Online Community Building have been featured by national and international audiences including Century 21, NAMM, MIVA and Real Estate Associations and broker groups across the country.